What is Loving Presence?

When you hear the phrase, Loving Presence, what comes to mind?  Love, loving kindness, tenderness, empathy, compassion, coming from the heart.

It feels good.

Loving Presence goes beyond these connotations. It feels better than good.  It holds a unique quality that is not a habit of love nor a usual state of mind.

Here’s how I experience the unique quality of

Loving Presence with my horse


I’m here. Not “here for you,” but just here. I see my horse as complete and whole. I don’t need to be here for him. I am just here and available for connection.

You know the saying, “put yourself in the other’s shoes?” I put myself in my horse’s hooves as much as a person can do that for a horse.

I don’t need anything from my horse. I would enjoy connecting with him, but I don’t need to. It’s okay if he does not connect.

I have no desire to change anything. Things will change whether I want them to or not.

As much as I can, I tune in to what’s important to my horse, seeing it as neutral and not good or bad.

I don’t try to fix him or make him into something I might wish for.

I am sensitive to noticing subtle signs and naturally occurring changes that indicate he is open to connecting with me.

My heart is open when my horse is ready to connect. This feels like my horse and I briefly merge together in existence. It usually doesn’t last very long, but comes and goes.

When I return to my own individual self after even this brief type of connection with my horse, I feel strengthened, enriched, complete. I ride, free and easy, without struggle.