Trinket embodies Loving Presence with Horses. She is my muse, a model of patience, confidence, and clarity in the present moment.

Trinket, now 19, has been doing therapy work in elementary schools for much of her life. She has specialized in working with students in life skills, pre-kindergarten, and alternate behavior classes. The children learn to groom and pet her as a horse likes to be petted, and she helps them with educational tricks such as choosing shapes, letters, and words with her nose or foot. One of her favorites is to demonstrate the concept of on and off by stepping on and off a footstool with her front feet.

Trinket’s knack for connecting with people non verbally makes her visits to life skills classes especially meaningful. Students who are unable to talk often stop crying and fidgeting when she stands by their wheelchairs.

Every two years Trinket passes rigorous testing as a Pet Partner Team with the Delta Society, a national organization that advances human health and wellbeing through positive interactions with animals.

You may have a chance to meet Trinket if you sign up for the Horse Spirit program!  Go to the Horse Spirit page to find out more.