About Me

A horse lover from birth, I‘ve been a professional dressage instructor, competitor, and trainer for over 35 years and counting.

Some might venture to say I have a fairy tale life with horses. Every horse that’s been in my barn has inspired me to help people do more and understand more about their horses, especially in dressage.
I know the rush of pure goodness inside when I see a spark lighting up a horse’s eyes and their ears perking forward, revealing their interest, intelligence. and amazing generosity in allowing humans to ride them.

On the other side, I also know what it’s like to take dressage lessons and burn with the embarrassment of unkind criticism. I know what it’s like to be chafed in unmentionable places and still trot down centerline into a show arena. I know what it’s like for our heart to break seeing a horse forced to do something they’re not ready for or don’t understand.

All these things plus the way the horses looked into my eyes compelled me to seriously search for answers.

I started out studying with noted international level clinicians including Karen Rohlf, Jane Savoie, Alex Kurland, Felicitus von Neuman Cosel, Max Gaywyler, Lilo Fore, and Hans Mueller.

I added tai chi, pilates, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique, and even animal communication.
Still searching, I graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior and became a Certified Training Partner, a specialist in positive reinforcement and clicker training, animal behavior, and learning theory.

At the same time, I trained in The Hakomi Method, a form of self study with meditation and mindfulness. This intensive training of more than 3 years led me to discover that a change in the way we think and feel can change the way a horse responds.

The deeper I studied, the more happier and willing all the horses I worked with became. My students started to learn from me so fast that sometimes I wondered what I’d said or done that made that big a difference and mattered so much to their horses.