Dressage is a french term that simply means “training.”  To me, it means more than circles, half passes, and piaffe. To me, it represents a life long journey in deep communication and connection.   

When I practice dressage with my horse, we come together in a two-way intimate connection that goes beyond aids and cues, beyond collected trot and tempi changes.  A sense of oneness, facilitated by my horse, takes over and my ego goes backstage for awhile.

I’ve had lessons where I just shoved my horse around.  Is this you?  I’ve had lessons where I was so mindful we never did anything.  Is this you?  The lessons I teach combine fun “doing” with deep mindful awareness.  If you and your horse work with me, you will learn exercises in balance, gymnastic movements, alignment, collection and all the techniques of dressage along with easy and natural exercises in a mindful connection that makes these techniques easier.  

In the present moment, it doesn’t matter whether the your horse is a a Grand Prix dressage horse or a green rescue of unknown breeding.  It doesn’t matter whether you are new to dressage or a seasoned FEI competitor.  What matters is acceptance of each other within a sense of loving presence. 

Within this acceptance and loving presence, you will learn easy techniques and training methods that  I’ve put together in over 40 years of studying horses and dressage.   My quest to learn more has included help from lots of notable international clinicians including Karen Rohlf, Jane Savoie, Alex Kurland, Felicitus von Neuman Cosel, Max Gaywyler, Lilo Fore, and Hans Mueller.  My most influential clinician is Karen Rohlf, a kindred spirit in dressage.  Seeing Karen share her work so generously to people all over the world has inspired and encouraged me to offer my work to a broader audience.

For decades I have been quietly creating powerful breakthroughs with an exclusive group of human and equine clients. Now it’s time to share this powerful process with the world so you and your horse can break through together into a deep connection.