There’s a simple solution.  It’s called Attention. You may think I’m going to tell you how to get your horse to pay attention to you, but the real key to understanding your horse and him understanding you is you learning how to pay the right kind of attention.


Most people’s attention goes around very fast, flitting around like a butterfly from one topic to another.    You may not even be aware of this because your attention is going at such breakneck speed that your can’t stop to pay attention in any one way.


Is this a litany of how your mind goes in some of your rides?


Heels down. Shorten your reins. Use your leg. Sit still. Don’t bounce. Horse too slow. Horse not engaged. Head too high. Pulling on reins. Sore arms. Bad rider. Bad horse. Resistant. What am I supposed to do. Get it right. Sit up straight.


The first step in getting your horse to understand you better and getting him to give you a good ride is: Pay Attention to your Attention.


Try this on your next ride, or even when you are grooming your horse.  Print these steps and take them with you to the barn.

1.  First, stop paying attention to what you’re paying attention to

2.  Pay attention to the attention itself.

3.  Does it go back and forth quickly between different things?

4.  Does it stay on one thing and little else?

5.  Does one phrase keep repeating itself in your mind?

6.  How often are you thinking about yourself?

7.  How often are you thinking about your horse?


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Follow these steps and you can expect to experience more moments of understanding with your horse.   You may even come up with a solution to an everyday problem that you may not have thought of before.  You may even get a nuzzle at the end of your ride.


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