Join Mary Kay Hasseman’s

Clicker Training Oasis

Do you have something you’re working on at home but it’s not working so well? Polite treat taking? A leg yield you can be proud of? How about a stretchy trot or simply touching a target?

Come work on it in the free Clicker Training Oasis alongside like-minded horse people, just like you would if you kept your horse at a barn where every single person trained with positive reinforcement!



How does the Oasis work?

We all show up on Zoom with our horses ready to go. You have a chance to share what you’re going to work on for the next 30 minutes, and then you go work on that skill! We all practice what we bring to the table – alone but together, camera on or camera off, whichever you like.

When the 30 minutes are up, we get back together on zoom and share how it went – wins, challenges, etc. Practicing these skills within a supportive community, with me present to provide tips, can lead to amazing breakthroughs.

Horses have breakthroughs in Oasis sessions that they don’t have when you’re alone.

Recently, one Oasis participant was heartsick and frustrated because her horse wouldn’t walk calmly from the barn to the pasture. He would even nip as he jogged along, pulling her with him. After the last Oasis, she had a lovely surprise! Her horse walked quietly beside her all the way from the barn to the pasture.

This is not unusual in an Oasis session! With commitment, some support, and a space to develop connection, you can develop a more connected relationship with your horse.

What would you like your horse to do that he’s not doing now? Come work on it at the next Clicker Training Oasis and see amazing changes in your horse.

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I created these zoom sessions to give like-minded riders a place to practice together with positive reinforcement and clicker training skills, just like if you were at a barn where Every Single Person trained with positive reinforcement.