I received these videos from a student, showing the difference she made in her horse.   My student, Marissa, practiced a combination of simple exercises in dressage, clicker training, and Loving Presence for a few months, and her horse Gemma surprised us with offering this lovely balance.

From This:  (Before Video)

To This:  (After Video)

Yes, this is the same horse!

1. Dressage

A french term that simply means “training.”
To me, it means more than circles, half passes, and piaffe.
To me, it represents a life long journey in deep communication and connection.
Horse and Rider together in balanced movement.

2. Clicker training

The sound of a click meant a tasty treat would be delivered to her mouth.
To repeat a behavior that we wanted so she could continue to practice it.
To know that whatever she was doing when she heard a click, if she did it again, she would get another treat.

3. Loving Presence

A unique form of mindfulness that fosters connection with your horse.
It’s not about your horse, it’s not about you, it’s about how the two of you meet together.

Whatever your goals are and the things you really want to do don’t matter in the present moment of connection with your horse


  • A 12 yr old mare who had never learned balance
  • A horse very heavy on forehand, rigid shoulders
  • Stiff body with no ability to bend
  • Unbalanced, putting a lot of weight on left front, not evenly balanced when moving
  • Could barely move one leg if asked to take weight off it
  • Leaning heavily on halter or bridle under saddle
  • Ran into trot under saddle and felt like she was rolling downhill (even on a flat surface)
  • Hard to stop in hand or under saddle
  • Little to no stepping under with hind legs
  • Threw her head way up high when Marissa tried to put the bridle on


  • A horse that thinks
  • Moving deliberately in a different way
  • Body awareness on hind end and front end
  • Interested in engaging with rider/handler
  • Eager to do what we were showing her
  • Lifting her back
  • Stepping under
  • Keeps her head level to accept the bridle, bit or bitless, easily
  • More beautiful than before




These videos show Gemma at the walk, which right now is all she can manage in organizing her body in the new found way. We will be careful to work with her slowly and get feedback from her about what she is comfortable doing, a part of the Loving Presence program of connecting with your horse.

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