What if you didn’t worry if you were doing things wrong when you ride?


Do you have inner critics chattering in your head when you’re working with your horse? If you’re anything like me, this has ruined more than one ride that might have been a good one.

Dressage or whatever discipline you love, negative criticism can tear your apart inside. It hurts.


You want to be the best you can for      your horse.
You do the best you can, but wonder if   you can do more.
You want to learn to ride better.
You try as hard as you can. You really     try hard in your lessons.
You’ve got training books and videos    and good equipment.
You search for the right feel but hardly ever find it.


What if you didn’t have to fret about whether you’re doing things right or what kind of bit to use, where to hold your hands or what hole to use to adjust your bridle?


It can make your head spin to make little decisions about whether to do this or whether to do that. It’s not all that easy once you’re at the barn by yourself.

Have you ever felt like you’re driving yourself crazy trying to keep track of how you should ride and what you should do with your horse?

Too many “shoulds” can really mess up our horses, not to mention our own thinking.

Some things just don’t work as hard as we try. Sometimes it somehow just doesn’t feel right to us. And some methods and techniques just plain don’t last the third or fourth time we ride on our own. Many of us end up feeling not trying hard enough or even that we’re not good enough.


What are we missing? Relationship. Relationship with our horse.
It is the single most important factor in making our dreams come true.


We struggle to make things work unless we have true blue authentic communication and connection with our horses.

With this kind of profoundly close teamwork, the vibes go deep. We don’t have to struggle.


  • Both you and your horse feel treasured by the other.

  • Your needs are met at the same time your horse’s needs are met.

  • You and your horse feel safe to be together.

  • You and your horse feel safe to show each other your deep inside selves.

  • You and your horse are intimately connected.


The Essential Equipment Checklist

for Riding with Positive Reinforcement

Using the right riding equipment is fundamental for getting the most out of positive reinforcement training. Transform your riding experience with my simple, informative Essential Equipment Checklist!

The Essential Equipment Checklist