Loving Presence With Horses Mindfulness Mastermind

Natural mindfulness and meditation


Guided by the wisdom of the horse

Access to a live horse welcome, but not necessary! 


Ready for the one thing that works when everything else you’ve tried hasn’t? Ready for mindfulness and meditation to make a big difference?

Many of us struggle with inner thoughts that torment us every day. Our busy minds won’t stop and keep us awake at night. We feel disappointment when the people we care about don’t understand us. We always try and try again, even if we don’t succeed.  

Some of us can’t wait to get to the barn with a horse when this happens. Many of us wish we had a barn and a horse to go to. Sometimes it’s much easier to find comfort with a horse than with a person.  

We’ve likely heard about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, whether we’ve tried it or not. It can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve focus and attention, keep us from getting too emotional, improve our mood and even help us sleep better. 

If we have tried mindfulness and meditation, we know that it’s not so easy to do on your own,  especially at first. Our inner thoughts can’t seem to stop. But it’s very exciting to think that the amazing results we’ve read about could be possible for us. We may even know someone who has made  incredible changes through mindfulness and meditation.  


Did you know that simply thinking about horses can guide you to mindfulness and meditation? You don’t even have to go to a barn or pasture.


What’s so special about horses? What do they have to do with mindfulness?

Horses lead us to be honest in mindfulness and meditation. They are truly authentic. They draw out our  need to be genuine. Horses help acknowledge what’s going on inside of us, one of the biggest challenges of mindfulness, meditation and loving presence. 

You don’t have to ride to know that the beauty and grace of a horse touch love and kindness in our hearts.

Loving Presence with Horses Mindfulness MasterMind

By the end of a 6 month journey into mindfulness and meditation, you will be so comfortable with meditation that mindfulness becomes a part of your daily life, deeply connecting you, guiding you  beyond judgement and negative voices so that you so that you can stand in loving presence with anyone, including yourself. 

If you have:

  • Been frustrated not getting results 
  • Questions others can’t answer
  • Wanted to gain control over your thoughts 
  • Wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet
  • Been struggling to get mindful and meditate

You can do something right now to change things. Schedule a discovery call (it’s free) to help you decide what to do next.

Don’t stay stuck. Do something.


My discovery calls are inspired by many years of listening and connecting with the wisdom of the horse. I listen to what’s keeping you stuck, why you want to talk to me, what you’re trying to accomplish, and what’s holding you back from achieving it.  

Don’t stay stuck. Do something.


There is no pressure and no commitment to do anything on a discovery call. If I have an idea of how to help, I’ll tell  you. It could be enrolling in the Inspired by Horses Mindfulness Mastermind. It could be something you do on your own. It could simply be something I tell you about that you didn’t know before.  

Don’t stay stuck. Do something.