Spirit of the Horse

Recharge and Renew in Loving Presence with a Horse

What if you had time to do nothing?

To relax?  To think?

What if the world could stop a minute to let you catch up?

Does this sound like you?

If so, you are one step ahead.

Many people don’t even notice how stressed they are.

Success and profound meaning exist within a pause.

Especially within a pause with a horse by your side.

I raised two lovely daughters, homeschooling one, while teaching riding and competing and training horses all my life.  I sandwiched in work as religious education director, development director for an SPCA, volunteer pet therapy visits, dog training, equestrian camps for kids, freelance writing, and I graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior.

I personally know what it’s like to race around with my hair on fire.  I know exhaustion that makes me feel sick when I never stop to rest.  I know the drain of not having time for myself.  I know indigestion due to stress.  Relax, my husband would say, and I wouldn’t know how.  I know fatigue in body and mind and spirit.

Somewhere along the line, I found help.  I discovered a unique way to live and work that I had never imagined.  It’s a unique form of mindfulness called Loving Presence.  I’ve practiced it for over 10 years.  My horses already knew about it, and I only needed to learn to see it and receive it.

Once I found Loving Presence, things started to change.  The endless rushing about and stress of never getting enough done shifted over to moments when I could reflect, renew, recharge.  I began to experience less fatigue and a great deal more fulfillment, especially in the small things that really matter.  I could slow down and still get a lot done.

I can show you how you can experience this same peace and fulfillment within your busy day.

Premiering:  Recharge your week by practicing Loving Presence with Horses

( One hour with horses)

My horse and I offer you an time to relax, rejoice, (renew) and rejuvenate alongside a horse without riding him. You will have hands on experience with my horse, and I will show you how natural mindfulness with a horse opens the door to a feel-good sense of renewal.  No experience with horses necessary and no riding involved.

You don’t need to bring a horse.  Just bring your own self.

One hour that can change everything.

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