My Story

Hi, I’m MaryKay (not associated with MaryKay makeup!).

I help people put loving presence and mindfulness into every day with every one. I am guided by the wisdom of the horse.

I wasn’t always mindful and I didn’t used to know how to meditate.

As a horse professional for over 40 years, I spent a lot of time worrying whether I was good enough, even when my horse scored high with blue ribbons in international level competitions. I always thought I could do better. I used to relive past mistakes over and over again in my mind, trying to find what went wrong. I used to listen to negative voices that would not stop talking in my head. I even used to believe what they said. Sometimes I felt like my emotions went haywire.

I was in so much inner torment that I started searching for solutions. I started a journal. I spent years exploring all kinds of techniques: Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique lessons, Tai Chi, exercise programs designed for riders, clinics with international level equestrians, clicker training, TagTeach, animal communication, Pilates, and mind body work.

I worked so hard that I graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy and became a Certified Training Partner, a specialist in clicker training, animal behavior, and learning theory.

None of these were enough to settle my mind even if I put them all together.

When I began studying with three Zen teachers over 15 years ago, everything changed. I learned so many detailed skills of quieting the mind that I had to write them down. The moments of peace and quiet awakened my heart even more keenly to the kinship of horses. It was pure horse sense to study more and complete 3 years of training in The Hakomi Method (assisted self study with mindfulness).