Loving Presence with Horses

Mentorship Program

What does it really feel like to have a deep connection with your horse? 

Finding the right words to accurately describe this extraordinary feeling is challenging, so let’s start with what it does not feel like. 

It does not feel like you have to push or use a lot of leg to get your horse going.
It does not feel like you can’t slow your horse down or stop.
It does not feel like you’re afraid your horse might “do something.”

When you ride your horse with a deep connection, you want to know your horse is truly with you in mind, body, and spirit, not just obediently going through the motions or understanding what you’re asking for on a surface level.

There is something about a good ride that connects us to something bigger than ourselves, a larger world with more possibilities. One of my students recently said, “It is a feeling of being one, not just with your horse, but with the universe itself.” Our horses feel this too.

This is how it feels to practice positive reinforcement, clicker training, and mindfulness all together as we train our horses.

If this feels true for you, my 6-month Mentorship Program will deepen and profoundly transform your riding and dressage experience.  

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Every time you step into the stirrup, you wish for at least one sweet connecting moment, where you and your horse are one and your heart could just burst.

"Mary Kay is incredibly intuitive and seems to have almost a sixth sense when it comes to being able to decipher what Gitana is feeling and “saying”. We both were baby beginners with no idea what to do with this dream of dressage that I had.

Mary Kay met us at our level, understood our needs, and gently brought us along as we learned how to be a horse and rider team. That feeling of teamwork is what I value most and what I believe to be our greatest transformation."
Jessica Daniels & Gitana

The Mentorship Program is more than clicker training and even more than positive reinforcement.

During this 6-month mentorship program, you will:

From my work with Mary Kay, I feel more connected with Bailey. It’s been hard in the past for me to understand him. He gives subtle indications of his needs, wants, and issues, and it took me a long time to pick up on them.

Mary Kay has helped me tremendously with breaking down goals into small pieces instead of “lumping” things. It’s always been amazing how doing one tiny little thing differently can change outcomes.
Sandy O’Keefe & Bailey

You do not need to win ribbons to know what a magical ride feels like.  Whether you’re working on 20 meter circles at training level or tempi changes at Grand Prix, or a lovely ride down the trail, you will uncover deeper connection and flow in the mentorship program.

During the 6 months of this mentorship program, you will receive:

Personalized clicker training and positive reinforcement exercises
Weekly group training (virtual or in-person, depending on where you are located)

Professional reviews of your practice videos

A half-day workshop to deepen and practice your most important skills

Follow-up support from the half-day workshop to help you carry your new skills forward

Foundational teachings on positive reinforcement and clicker training for horses

I have never had a trainer who knew all of my horses and cared about each one as much as Mary Kay. I also love how she tailors each lesson. She has set an example of being flexible and meeting your horse where he is at that very moment. That habit has been helping me in my relationships with people as well.

I have seen drastic improvement in each of my horse’s attitudes. They all WANT to play with me! None of them are hard to catch now. I have horses offering various behaviors and using the thinking side of their brain instead of dull reactions to a cue or waiting for the session to be over.
Marissa Watkins & Envy, Gemma, Bella, Duke, and Gypsy

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