“Mary Kay invests in my horses and cares about each one’s particular needs. I have never had a trainer who knew all of my horses and cared about each one as much as MaryKay. I also love that MaryKay tailors each lesson to fit where I and my horse are that day. She has set an example of being flexible and meeting your horse where he is at that very moment. That habit has been helping me in my relationships with people as well.

I have seen drastic improvement in each of my horses attitudes. They all WANT to play with me! None of them are hard to catch now. I have horses offering various behaviors and using the thinking side of their brain instead of dull reactions to a cue or waiting for the session to be over.

My mare Bella used to hate working with people and she was had to catch. She would kick out when she was annoyed and pin her ears. Now she is first in line every time I come out to work with the horses and she LOVES it. She has a happy expression when we work and she gets excited to try new things. “