Want less stress?

Ready to get rid of inner thoughts that torment?

Ready to Quiet your Mind with Loving Presence?



Most people know that mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress, give you better health, lower blood pressure, help improve your focus, and much more. But when it comes right down to actually sitting still to be mindful, it’s easy to get frustrated and lose patience. We can’t stop our racing thoughts. We may even wonder how mindfulness is supposed to make us calm when it is so hard to do.



What if the wisdom of the horse could help?

Did you know that just thinking about a horse can reveal a mindful moment we never thought possible?



Why horses? Horses are truly authentic. They draw out our need to be genuine. They lead us to be honest in mindfulness and meditation. They acknowledge what’s going on inside of you, one of the biggest challenges of mindfulness and loving presence. Tuning your mind in any way to horses inspires life at a higher level with less stress, a goal many have for mindfulness and meditation.


What is Loving Presence?

Loving Presence is a state of being, not a state of doing, a presence where you feel so totally cared for and completely understood that your full pure self is able to offer these same gifts to other beings.

Guided by the wisdom of the Horse, Loving Presence goes deep within yourself. It reaches the unique you, wherever it may be. Through the natural mindfulness that horses show us, we get clues to an intimate and unique part of us. This part has everything we need to do what we may have wanted to do for a long time. It takes commitment. It takes dedication and courage. It takes opening ourselves to ways of thinking we may never have encountered before.

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A short and easy guide to mindfulness

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  • You get frustrated with all the stress in your life.

  • You need a few moments of peace.

  • Sometimes you can hardly concentrate because so many thoughts are racing around in your head.

  • You’ve heard that mindfulness could help a lot, but you’re not so good at it.

  • You have a little voice inside that tells you there’s something special about horses.